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The simplest form of advertising has always been word-of-mouth. Coming in a close second, in simplicity and effectiveness, is the humble outside shop sign or lightbox.

The shop sign predates online advertising, billboards, radio and TV, and we can expect shop signage from Melbourne to Brisbane to increase in popularity over the next few decades. Online shopping just can’t provide the same level of reassurance that a physical shop can. A simple internet search shows thousands of posts dedicated to the sometimes hysterical but often concerning reality of what online purchasers expect versus what they land up with. Ill-fitting outfits are one thing but unusable electrical equipment is quite another.

When it comes to major purchases such as jewelry, computers or furniture, most consumers will complete the sales process by hitting the tarmac and going to see an item in real life. PWC’s Annual Consumer Survey reinforces this, showing that the majority of buyers use internet stores as showrooms to get an idea of a product before visiting a physical store to make their purchase. Buying something in the flesh allows consumers to touch, feel and hold a product – something that internet shopping is unlikely to offer anytime soon.

Everyone from gift to gun shop owners needs to be aware that while an online presence has its benefits, it cannot replace storefront advertising. This becomes especially important when you consider that over 80% of all your business will come from people living within 8 kilometres of your shop, and that over half of all shoppers enter a particular store because of its sign.

Thanks to lightboxes, shop owners can create awareness of their stores after hours, making passing foot traffic aware of their store and its operating hours during the day. Shops in busy metropolitan areas that experience foot traffic at night (such as stores in Melbourne and Perth) can benefit from this too.

It’s clear that shop signs are as important as ever and should never be ignored by shop owners looking for business. This type of affordable and well-designed shop sign is what Ausign Signage specialises in, and although we’re based in Melbourne we’ve got a reach all over Australia. Start with the basics and contact us today for a storefront solution.