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Let’s be straight. Consumers all over Australia are bombarded with ads, billboards, banners and whatever new form of marketing regularly pops up. What do you think will grab their attention? It’s becoming a competitive world out there, but if you don’t have a sign that will draw attention straight away, you’ll fall behind the pack.

These FIVE TIPS are here not merely to advise you of the importance of signage, but of the importance of ensuring your sign stands out!

  1. Be bold with design

We are not advising that you reposition your basic business message by throwing in funky or weird designs. Not at all. What we mean by “bold” is that you consider the use of a designer who can create 3D imaging so that it doesn’t sit flat-faced on a board. This sort of addition will contribute greatly to helping your brand stand out from the crowd, without taking away the message of your company’s image. Bold and bright colours or imagery will also help draw eyes to your ad.

  1. Be simple with words

People nowadays have less time to do more. For this reason, we suggest that you keep your words not only short and sweet, simple and to the point, but simple in the sense of language. Being clever and creative with puns might get a sweet nod from a passer-by, but clear, straight-to-the-point wording will receive far more attention.

  1. Be aware of other signs

If you have a sign that is placed in a location that has other signs, perhaps even signs that are not at all directly competing with your customers, it may have the unfortunate fate of going entirely unnoticed. In this situation, we suggest you boost your signage up a beat or two. Talk to your designer or signage professional about ways in which you can enhance the sign, by size, colour or, as mentioned above, by 3D inclusions.

  1. Be careful of placement

The position of the sign itself is more important than you think. You should take into consideration the time of day your sign would most likely be seen by the most people. If it is a sign facing the east, its crafted writing may be blocked off by the reflection of the sun in the morning. We advise that you take a moment to think which customers you’re wanting to attract. If it is for a restaurant, for example, dinner-display signs may need a bit of extra lighting and may work optimally at sunset. Overall, the precise position of your sign needs to be considered, because no matter how beautiful it is or how professional it is made, if it is behind a tree where nobody sees it, it will bring no leads your way.

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