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Using signs to advertise your business is an effective marketing tool that will help your business be seen by hundreds of people each day. But before you start plastering your shop front with signs, you will need to ensure that these shop signs don’t require a permit.

Every council is different but, according to the Australian Business Licence and Information Service, you will require a license if you intend to “erect, place or remove an advertising sign, banner or notice on a building, road or footpath”. This can include sandwich boards out the front of a café, business signage on a building and signs affixed to fences, trees and other council property.

To find out what kind of permit your signs will need, click on the relevant Melbourne council area below.

When planning your shop signage, it is always best to consult your local council first to make sure you don’t break any laws. Looking to increase your visibility with customised shop signs? Ausign has a wide variety of signage options including light boxes, 3D lettering, digital printing and sign banners to suit your business needs. Contact us to order your signs today.