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With the Easter holiday season just upon us, wouldn’t you agree that you should make the most of your advertising budget to generate the most traffic to your store or website? When it comes to any holiday, it’s always a great idea to take full advantage of the power of the buyer’s mindset.

Here’s how you can boost your revenue by using signage this Easter:

  • Make it decorative

We suggest that you make the most of your signage this Easter by creating elaborative and creative designs on your business signage. Include the popular themes of Easter and all that makes people see that your business is part of the celebratory event. It will attract a lot of visitors, guaranteed.

  • Include a special

It’s always a great idea to include a special in your advertising on your signage boards. It is just for Easter, so include something like 25% off all goods for Easter or something else that is suitable to your business. People expect discounts and specials, especially because they will be in the buying mood during a festive season.

  • Ensure your brand is visible

Yes, it’s all about Easter, but you aren’t advertising Easter, are you? No, you’re merely using Easter as the springboard of your main aim, which is to make your business name more recognisable and accessible to potential customers. For this reason, it is important that you mention your company’s details on the signage as well as contact details if not directly outside your store. 

These are the tips you can use to make your brand more visible this Easter, so that your business benefits during this season. It’s also a cost-effective way to advertise – and one that will keep on bringing in the customers long after you’ve put up the signage.

Also, when Easter is over, you can remove the signage easily without much hassle, especially if you chose to use light boxes to illuminate your advertising campaign this Easter.

For expert advice on the best way to generate the most revenue and attention from your signage this Easter, contact us today to find out about our specialist signage solutions.

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