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The winds, or rather the cold winds, are upon us –and just as you’ll need a scarf and a coat, your signage will also need protecting from the cold, the frost and the wind. A lot of damage to signs around Melbourne has resulted in owners having to repurchase signs, costing them twice for the same solution.

Avoid having to buy new signs by following these simple tips on how to ensure your signs make it through winter without a scratch:

  • For illuminated signs

Most illuminated signs are made from neon or LED lighting. Winter can be harsh on these signs, especially when frost melts and the water trickles down into vulnerable or slightly cracked spaces in your signage. Check your signs for cracks and holes, and ensure that the bulbs are securely fastened.

Also, don’t forget to ensure that the sensors are working correctly. Remember that if your lighting is flickering or one bulb is out,it will not promote your business the way you want it to. Consider hiring a professional to replace the bulbs or, in the case of your neon, consider refilling them for ultimate illumination for your business during winter.                         

  • For street or outdoor banner signs

The greatest challenge for outdoor bannersis the winds during winter, which can cause chaos for your signs. We suggest that for swinging signs you ensure the bases are filled adequately. For banners, consider securing them tightly so that they don’t blow off or break by using cable ties or some other strong roping material.

If you hear of strong winds coming in the next day, consider taking them down for the night. For boards such as wooden boards, it may be necessary during winter to add a post behind the sign for extra support. If one of these boards goes flying off, younot only lose valuable advertising, but it could injure someone seriously.

  • General cleaning tips for all signs

Winter can be quite a dirty season. Dirt can go flying about with the high winds, creating an unattractive layer on your signage. You can clean this by gently washing your signs with soapy water, especially for illuminated signage, to ensure the signage remains bright and attractive in spite of the dark winter evenings. You don’t want to lose the impact of your signs. Instead, you want to continue drawing in the customers who may never have noticed your signs had you not cleaned them properly.

Use a brush and scrub it every so often to keep it in perfect condition.

If you take care of your signage during the winter months, you can be sure that when spring comes round, your signs will be well-illuminated to draw in the customers they were initially designed to do.

If you need extra tips or a touch up here or there in preparation for winter, feel free to contact us today.

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