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You have a great product, amazing service and a competitive location but all that isn’t necessarily enough to get people through your doors – you need enticing and eye-catching signage that customers can’t resist. When done right, signage is vital to connecting your business with target consumers and shaping brand recall and retention. Ausign have been Melbourne’s experts in high quality signage since 1976, here’s our tips for how you can attract more customers to your business with signs.

Choose Colours Carefully

Colours play a vital role in creating unique and memorable signage. Business signage should match your brand identity by using the same colours you use in all your advertising and marketing. The best colours for exterior signage are bright, vibrant hues because they stand out. Think bright red, yellow, green and blue, however, you shouldn’t use only bright colours and ignore neutrals, the most effective signage strikes a balance to create the perfect, eye-catching contrast.

Ensure Signage is Readable

Business signage must be clearly visible to the audience from a long distance, if it’s not, then the design has failed in its purpose. There are a few things you can do to maximise readability, including:

  • Use texture to create contrast. Texture provides contrast for exterior signage, which increases both its readability and general appearance. Signs that include this visual element generally stand out from the crowd.
  • Outline or create shading around the text. Make letters and words pop by incorporating a border around the text for easy reading or use shading in the design through chosen fonts and prints or by placing lights around the sign to cast strategic shadows.
  • Consider the font size. A good industry rule of thumb is the 10-by-1 rule which states one inch of letter height can generally be read at a maximum of ten feet away. With this in mind you should increase the letter height by an inch for every 10 feet of distance. For a sign to be clearly visible from 100 feet, its letters might be at least 10 inches in height.
  • Choose the right font style. Different font styles have different legibility. Fancy or intricate script fonts may be difficult to read from a distance so you should try to pick clean typefaces that not only spell out personality of your brand but are simple and easy to read at a glance.

Use Graphic Wall Printing to Add Interest to the Facade

Printing technology makes it possible to create custom graphics in almost any size or style that can be applied to the walls of your façade to creatively communicate your brand and message. Whether your wall space is large or small, you can have punchy graphics created that will add the look of your business, draw the eye of potential customers and entice people to come in and look around. You can also tie your seasonal or special promotions to your graphic wall printing, that way customers who see your ads, social media promotions or commercials, connect those messages immediately when they walk or drive by.

Use Light Box Signage

Lightboxes turn your outdoor signage into a 24/7, weatherproof advertising canvas. Eye-catching and impactful, lightboxes can be custom designed to any requirements and when switched on, they powerfully illuminate text and graphics from the inside out. One of the easiest ways to stand out from other signs on the street, light boxes provide enhanced visual aesthetics, clarity and readability to your signage, and can be used to complement traditional printed signs, window decals and wall printing.

Well-crafted signage that attracts ideal customers pays for itself quickly so it’s well worth the investment. From shopfronts and lightboxes, to vinyl banners, window frosting and wall printing, if you are looking for innovative and creative signage solutions to make your business stand out, let the experts at Ausign help. We have helped businesses of all sizes right across Melbourne develop eye-catching signage to attract new and existing customers. Contact us today to find out more.