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Having the right signage for your business is vital to its performance and success. Not only is signage the first visual connection between your business and potential customers, it helps people find your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and helps to convey professionalism. No matter what the type of signage – static or digital – customers, clients, guests, staff and visitors expect it to be great. At Ausign, we are the Melbourne signage specialists with over 40 years’ experience installing custom signage solutions to businesses across the city. Here’s a few tips that will help to take your signage to the next level.

Know the Audience

The main task of any signage is to get a message across to the intended audience as quickly and effectively as possible. Great signage must attract the right customers and have the message seen by the right people. Think of the 3 E’s – eye-catching, engaging and easy on the eye. Once you know your audience you can tailor the message directly to them.

Keep the Message Simple

Less is more – the message needs to be short and easy to understand. Eliminate clutter that detracts from the message. When it comes to signage, you don’t have the same luxury as a magazine or website advert, where your viewers are looking at your design close-up and have time to stop and read. A simple sign allows you to quickly catch the eye of passing individuals and better deliver your message.

Understand the Environment

Knowing the environment in which your sign will be installed helps to maximise its visibility and effectiveness. The below considerations will help you create signage with confidence.

  • Where is the sign going? – will it be going on the grass near a sidewalk and busy traffic? Explore placement locations that offer the best visibility
  • How close will viewers of your signage be?
  • What are the surrounding natural and architectural features?
  • What are the surrounding colours? – assess the look and feel of the location
  • Where will foot or road traffic will be coming from?
  • Is there any heat, light or other environmental/weather factors to contend with?
  • Will the council or authorities allow the signage? – get signs approved before you start

Use Blank Space

Use contrasting colours, negative space and clear and captivating wording. Don’t overcrowd your design with information, simplify it, and use space effectively around the design to allow it to “jump out”.  This achieves great results where there is lots of competing signage or advertising such as billboards, construction signage and trade show booths.

Functionality Is Key

To optimise user engagement, it’s important to assess the functional requirements from the beginning. Some questions to ask include:

  • How prominent does the branding need to be?
  • How long does this signage need to last? Is the sign only required on a temporary basis – or does it need to be in place for years?
  • Will it be seen mainly during the day or at night? On weekdays or weekends?
  • Should the sign integrate with existing signs or other new signs?
  • Does the message need to be updated regularly?
  • Will the sign be visible for all users? If you are catering for children signs may need to be positioned at a lower height.
  • Does the signage match the audience profile? Contemporary styling may not work well when targeting an elderly audience.
  • Will maintenance and servicing be easy and economical?

Once you have considered what type of sign you need and how you can make your signage design the best it can be, you need to choose the right Melbourne signage company to execute and install your design. The experienced team at Ausign are the local installer of signage Melbourne businesses of all sizes know and trust. Our expert design, manufacturing and installation staff will help bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us today on (03) 9419 0970 or contact us online today to find out more.