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Lightboxes and illuminated signage are one of the best ways to make business, brand or message stand out day and night, but there’s more to think about than just adding a simple light behind your signs. As one of the most experienced Melbourne sign companies, Ausign has been creating effective signage solutions for over 30 years. Read on to discover more about backlit signage and lightboxes.

What Is Backlit Signage?

This style of signage is meant to be viewed with a light source shining through it or behind it. Backlit signage can be used a number of ways to increase visibility, stand out from the competition and deliver a message to your target audience.

There is a wide array of options to light up signage, some of these include:

  • LEDs – one of the most popular types as LEDs are cost-effective, yet provide exceptionally bright and crisp light. LED lights cannot be used in shallower light boxes, they require a deeper lightbox or a diffuser to spread the light and avoid hot spots.
  • Edge-Lit LEDs – these lightboxes have LED lights positioned around the frame of the box. The light generated by the LED bulbs is sent into a diffuser, allowing the glow to spread evenly across the entire lightbox and brighten the graphic. Edge-lit LED lightboxes are thin, inexpensive, and use minimal energy.
  • Fluorescent -these lightboxes use fluorescent tubes to light up the box and are known for their excellent diffusion, meaning there’s no hot spots or uneven glow.

To learn more about lightboxes, Melbourne businesses should get in touch with the team at Ausign today.

What Are the Benefits of Illuminated Signage?

Backlit signage is bound to capture the attention of customers but there are many other great benefits:

Promote Your Message –  Whether it’s promotional events, sales or anything else you want customers to know, lightboxes allow you to easily get your message across during the day and at night.

Increase Brand Awareness – By incorporating elements such as a logo, business name, and contact information, you can effectively increase brand recognition and attract more customers.

Create Presence – Stand out from your competitors and effectively engage with customers by highlighting important information or by brightening up your business with bespoke images.

Energy Efficiency – LED lightboxes consume very little energy, keeping your utility bills low. 

Things to Consider When Designing Backlit Signs

Location and Placement

Signs in dimly lit environments will require a different kind of lighting than those in brighter places. This is true for both indoor and outdoor signage.

Spacing and Depth

Lights in lightboxes can be placed close together or farther apart to create variances in brightness. The same goes for the depth of the box and how far the light source is from the graphic.

Colour Temperature

LEDs are available in a wide range of colour temperatures from warm white and cool white through to crisp daylight. The colour temperature will influence the graphic so consider if you prefer a warmer, yellow tone or cool, brighter feel.

The Experienced Signwriters Melbourne Businesses Rely On

As Melbourne signage experts, we help businesses of all sizes and types with affordable and effective signage solutions. From lightboxes and vinyl cut lettering to shopfronts, sign panels and vehicle signage, our team can design, manufacture and install the signage you need to attract customers and grow your business. For more information, contact us online or give our friendly team a call on (03) 9419 0970.