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It’s no secret that Melbourne has some of the most iconic signs in the country, and we want to take the time to remember some of the great signs that remind us why we are doing what we do, and serve as daily inspiration to provide the best possible signs for our customers.

Here are some of our favourite signs across our city:

The Apex Belting

We simply have to mention the Apex Belting sign. Erected in 1942 by the conveyer belt company, it was once Melbourne’s oldest continuously running neon sign. After serving proudly, it was restored in 2002 having received funding, but is sadly no longer in operation.

The Nylex Clock

Few Melbournians who lived in the city during the 1960s will forget the Nylex Clock sign. It was built in 1961 and gave the city time and temperature information. The sign became such an icon that it was featured in a music video by Paul Kelly, and put on the Victorian Heritage Register. In 2005, the sign was restored but after a brief time of operation, seems to be shut down for good.

Slade Knitwear’s sign

The Slade Knitwear sign can be found in Richmond and at 31-metres long, it is one of the largest and most visible signs in the city. In 2001, plans were made to remove the iconic sign, but Melbourne’s citizens came together, and helped get the sign placed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Unfortunately, this wonderful sign was switched off for the last time in 2001.

The Skipping Girl

This is definitely one of the more playful neon signs in the city. Built in 1936, the Skipping Girl was built to advertise a vinegar business. The sign was designed by Jim Minogue, who was also responsible for the iconic Nylex clock sign. Unfortunately, the sign’s building was demolished, and the Skipping Girl was sold to a second-hand dealership. However, Melbourne’s inhabitants came together again, and a second Skipping Girl was created, which can be found in Abbotsford.

We are immensely proud of Melbourne’s rich sign heritage, and make it our objective to keep the tradition alive by supplying your customers with only the best in signage. Contact Ausign Signage if you need more info.

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