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First impressions matter. Attractive reception signage is always in place to represent your brand and greet visitors. It is an effective way to grab attention, engage visitors and customers and generate sales.

If you need even more motivation to add reception signage to your business premises, think about how these visual cues present your brand’s corporate image and make a powerful statement about your professionalism. And for any company to be successful, a professional corporate image is a must-have because it contributes to building trust and rapport with your customers.

Your reception area is the first point of contact many potential customers have with your business, and professionally designed signage is a smart way to convey the goals and personality of your brand. Your choice of signage, whether high-tech or traditional, immediately influences how your visitors perceive your brand and, by extension, your products and services.

Essentials for effective reception signage design

The design of reception signage needs careful consideration, and certain things are essential.

  • Powerful, clear branding

Your business’s name and logo should be visible, and the signage must be designed with your company’s corporate colors. Don’t try and fit too much text or any unnecessary imagery onto the signage, as the goal is to create a powerful impact – and that’s done with simplicity and bold, unfussy design.

  • High-quality materials

The quality of materials used in creating signage is essential because if you use low-quality, poorly printed signage, it reflects poorly on your company. Get the best signage you can, making sure your choice of material is appropriate for your brand. Materials such as aluminum, for example, are often used for signage for professional firms like accountants and lawyers.

  • Innovation and creativity

Stand-out signage often has something special. Consider adding a simple special effect such as LED lighting, which will give your reception signage more impact. Other creative techniques include laser-cut lettering, illuminated signs and digitally-printed graphics.

Ausign has experience creating eye-catching and professional signage for every type of business. Contact us to see how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.