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A sign has an essential job. Unlike a brochure or online advert, it can’t be detailed or feature photos or complex drawings as people need to be able to comprehend it at a glance. It can’t have pages upon pages of text and subtle colours like pastels as people need to see it from a distance. This means when you’re creating signage you need to think carefully and plan how to work with your limited space. An effective way to communicate what your brand and business is about in a sign is by choosing the correct font. With so many options to choose from, here are the ones worth investigating and which ones you should avoid.

  • Good Fonts For Signage

San serif fonts are the best fonts to choose from when you’re creating signage. These fonts are slim and modern and include the following popular options:






Century Gothic




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Franklin Gothic







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Lucida Sans









  • Fonts That Are Bad For Signage

While script fonts and display fonts attract the eye, they make for terrible signage fonts. When someone sees a word typed in this font the eye immediately notices it, but it takes much longer to determine what word is being spelled out. These kinds of fonts are better used for formal documents that don’t exceed A4 in size, such as wedding invitations, certificates, and letterheads. Other fonts that typically aren’t suitable for signage are serif fonts. These are the kind used when publishing books or in long form brochures or documents. It’s a font that’s easily readable when its used in long paragraphs or over several pages.

Visibility, the use of clear white space and readability is critical when considering signage. Most people only glance at signs and don’t study them, so the words need to be legible and easy to read without effort. This will also make your business name or contact details easier for them to recall at a later stage. San serif fonts are tried and tested and have been found to be the best choice for signage, so make sure they feature in your next one. Want to get started with your business signage in Melbourne? Get in contact with us today!