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One of the key benefits of business signage is that these work on behalf of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For signage to be effective and produce great returns on your investment, they need to address five essential criteria: font, colour, text size, amount of text and location. Here’s your guide to great signage design.

Maximise your investment in commercial signage by paying attention to these five important factors:

  • Fonts

Your end goal in creating signage is to capture attention which is why font selection should be a careful consideration. The first rule of thumb is that font should be readable- each character should be distinguishable. For example, Serif fonts are largely used in signage design due to the professionalism and high readability factor they convey. Cursive fonts should be avoided. The right font will convey your intended message quickly, the wrong type will be distracting.

  • Colours

Colour can be used for great visual impact, especially when used to create contrast like using white on black or yellow on green. Avoid using colours similar to businesses around you. Use colour to stand out so that your signage catches the eye first.

  • Text size

Size plays a critical factor in business signage as too small letters will not be visible to be readable and too large text, may overshadow other parts of your design and the viewer won’t be able to look past it. Your font size should also be determined by who will be viewing your sign. If it for passers-by, your text can be small, however if you want to attract the attention of drivers, it will need to be bigger. Find a happy medium by using a mixture of font sizes with the most important message in the largest size.

  • Amount of text

Include only those details that are necessary like the name of your business and logo. Too much detail and your signage is too crowded with information, making it difficult to read. Potential customers can easily find your business’ contact details with a quick Google search.

  • Location of sign

Where do you intend to place your sign? Are you designing signage for in-store or outside? Is it to be placed at ground level or as a lightbox sign high above street level?  You need to ensure your signage is visible and easily read by pedestrian and car traffic. Before you hang a sign, always check with the council guidelines as you may need a permit.

A high-quality sign will pay for itself in no time. Get your business signage designed and printed at Ausign. We have years of experience creating effective custom-designed signage to make businesses stand out from the crowd. Contact us to see how we can help your business today.