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For a retail store to be successful, they must aim to provide a customer experience that is better than their competitors. From an easy to navigate floorplan to an enjoyable, smooth and fun final transaction, the shopping experience should be designed with the customer in mind, making them want to come back for more. Signage plays a key role in the overall experience a customer has in-store. At Ausign, we are a trusted signage company in Melbourne and we have been helping shops and retail businesses with eye-catching and impressive shop signs, indoor banners, light boxes and more since 1976. Here we will explore some of the most important signage Melbourne stores need to not only survive, but thrive, in the tough retail environment.

Shopfront Signage

Your shopfront signage is one of the first things prospective customers see, so it’s vital that your shop signs portray the right image, and help convert prospects to customers. Shopfront signage needs to reflect your brand, products, and services clearly and ensure your store gets noticed for the right reasons and entices people in.

Digital Displays

In today’s digital age, most shoppers will expect to see digital signage throughout a store. Digital signage is multi-functional and can do anything from display a promotion to provide directions or other useful information to enhance the shopping experience. Digital signs can be quickly and easily updated, and communicate with customers in real time. For customers, they make for a more convenient experience, and shows that your store is up-to-date with modern technology, keeping your retail store relevant in an evolving industry.

Wall-Mounted Vinyl-Cut Signs

Vinyl cut letting and other wall signage solutions make navigation around your store easy. Nothing frustrates customers more than walking around a store trying to locate a certain product or service. By helping your customers find different sections easily, and directing them to change rooms or checkouts, it helps to make the shopping experience seamless and pleasant, and reduce frustration.

Social Distancing Signs

The current pandemic has bought health and safety into the forefront of every retail business, and is likely to stay for the long term. Investing in social distancing signs such as floor decals, indoor banners and hygiene signs shows customers that you are conscientious about the rules and regulations and care about their health and wellbeing. These signs also display to the relevant authorities that you are doing the right thing to keep everyone safe, reducing the risk of receiving any fines.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Impactful and cost-effective, retail banners provide a great way to promote your brand or message to your audience, be that a new store opening, a seasonal sale or any other message you want to effectively convey. Custom made from durable vinyl material, banners are an ideal way to get a communicate with consumers without having to worry about protecting the display from extreme weather conditions.

For One of the Best Melbourne Sign Companies, You Can Rely on Ausign

The right signage can help customers to navigate your store, learn about your business, be informed about promotions and special offers, and have an enjoyable experience ensuring that they are likely to return. There are a multitude of signage types available for retail stores, so whichever shop signs you invest in, be sure to keep your customer in mind and consider how you can use signage to improve their time in your store. The team at Ausign is here to help you create the best signage that will help to make your business boom. Get in touch with us by calling (03) 9419 0970 or enquire online now. With over 40 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your retail business, so contact us today.