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Regardless of the type of business you own, you will need signage to attract customers to your business. Business signage can form part of a wider marketing campaign, so it’s important to use a variety of ones to ensure you are connecting with your customers. Here are the signs your business needs to have.

  • Shop front signs

Probably the most important of all the business signage, the shop front sign or business front sign shows customers where you are located but also alerts passers-by about your business. Business front signage can include traditional signwriting painted on the building, sign panels or 3D lettering. You can also use window frosting integrated with your business name. A business sign makes your business look professional and attractive to potential customers.

  • Vehicle signage

If you have a company vehicle, vehicle signage is essential. You could even put your company’s signage on your own personal vehicle. This is probably your best form of advertising as your vehicle is most likely to be seen by thousands of people each day. Just make sure you drive responsibly and be a good ambassador for your company!

  • Outdoor signs

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of outdoor signs such as lightboxes. A lightbox is used to advertise your business through its inlays of illumination by fluorescent lights or LED lighting. You can place your business logo on it, include an image and written words. The great thing about a lightbox is that it can be changed easily. Vinyl banners also make great outdoor signs as the design opportunities for them are endless and they are long-lasting.

  • Indoor signs

These signs will differ depending on the business. A retail store will need to have product signage, promotional signage and POS signage. A service based company would benefit from reception signage which gives the business a professional look.

Do you need to invest in signage for your business? Ausign has been providing Melbourne businesses with signs since 1976. Contact us to learn more.