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Things change, and trends come and go. Being able to stay abreast of these trends and use them to your advantage is one way to keep your business ahead of your competition and differentiate yourself in your market. With 2019 just around the corner, there’s no reason you can’t start planning your signage right now. Here are a few of the trends that are set to influence signage next year – which ones do you think are best suited to your business?

#1 – Signs are getting rough

In 2019, advertising is set to become more industrial than ever. Experts predict this look to affect everything from kitchen design to signage. This look isn’t a polished and glamorous one as it relies on metallic matte shades that don’t have a slick finished. This signage would work well for your business if rusting is a concern and you want an option that will last a long time without requiring maintenance. A rust-coloured sign with a rough finish will be impervious to the elements and keep its aged look without you needing to seal or restore it.

#2 – Signs are getting tactile

The days of flat, one-dimensional signage are over. Instead, 2019 will see signage go 3D with raised surfaces made of a variety of materials that invite interaction. If your business wants to get creative, this is the perfect way to do so. A horticulturalist can experiment with a living sign made of plant box letters hung vertically, for example. If your product is something that people can touch, smell or experience using all their senses, you can go wild here and the sky is the limit.

#3 – Signs are going minimal

As signage gets more creative, there will inevitably be a backlash amongst certain businesses. Some companies will want to distance themselves from colour and drama, and 2019 will see a return to bracketry and corbels – in other words, pieces that protrude from the wall, with a simple square sign hanging from it. This could suit your business if you have limited storefront space or share an entryway or reception area with another business. It also works well for businesses that want to communicate formality and elegance, such as those offering professional practices or services that require discretion.

Ready to make some signage changes that will keep you at forefront of your industry in 2019? Get in contact with Ausign today.