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Whether used by large corporations or small businesses, marketing with car wrapping delivers big results without a big budget. An easy way of enhancing the exposure of your brand, vehicle wraps can have massive advantages to businesses of all types and sizes. Ausign is one of Melbourne’s leading signage companies, providing professional car wrapping to businesses throughout Victoria. Let’s take a look at why car wrapping has become so popular and why you should consider professionally installed car wraps for your company vehicles today.

It Turns Your Vehicle into a Moving Billboard

Car wrapping is an affordable and highly effective way to create an eye-catching, mobile advertisement for your business. If you’re trying to increase your company’s visibility quickly, using vehicle graphics is one of the best ways to do it. Depending on how often you drive, a quality car wrap has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of impressions every week. Not only will other drivers on the road see your advertisement, pedestrians will too. Whether your car is moving or parked, car wrapping displays information about your business to anyone nearby. When you compare how much reach a vehicle wrap has to more traditional advertising methods, it’s astonishing how cost-effective marketing with a car wrap actually is.

It Provides Protection Against Scratches and Abrasions

Car wrapping can actually protect your paintwork against possible stone chips, scratches and minor abrasions. A vinyl car wrap is a high-quality material, made of high-density urethane vinyl film which acts as a protective layer for the painted surface of your car.

It Protects the Resale Value of Your Company Cars

Keeping your company cars in top condition will preserve their value, and car wrapping is a great way to do this. When the time comes to sell or upgrade your company vehicles, there’s no need to re-paint the surface, the wrap is easy to remove and ensures the surface underneath has been kept in brand new condition which will appeal to many buyers.

It Offers Flexibility in Design Choices and Colour

Car wrapping offers designs and styles that are simply unavailable with paint. Come up with your own custom design signs or work with professionals to design it for you, it can then be printed on high quality vinyl and installed within a couple of days. If you don’t want to commit to a full car wrap, you can wrap certain sections of your vehicle. If you’d only like the sides or back wrapped, that can be done – the options are endless.

It’s Long Lasting and Durable

A vehicle decal is constant and won’t fade or discolour over time, so it’s guaranteed to last for years. If cared for correctly, there is very little maintenance required so you will get months or years advertising and exposure with no ongoing costs.

Car wrapping can do so much to benefit your brand and business, so if you haven’t considered a vehicle wrap then it’s something you should look into – it’s one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools for any business. At Ausign, we understand all of the amazing benefits of car wrapping, and our team are here to help you design and install the perfect vehicle wraps to promote your business. Call us today on (03) 9419 0970 or get a free quote online now.