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If you have invested the time and money to have impactful signage designed and created, you might be thinking about installing it yourself, after all, it doesn’t look that hard does it? The truth is, signage installation is just as, if not more, important to get right than the design itself. Poorly installed signage not only looks awful and detracts from the perceived quality of your business, it can have a significant impact on your brand reputation, and could even be dangerous. Since 1976, Ausign has been leading the way in professional signage solutions, helping Melbourne businesses with shopfronts, vehicle signage, digital printing and innovative light boxes. Let’s look at why you should always choose professional signage installation for your business signs.

Improves Return on Investment

Signage is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any business. Well-designed signs can be a promotional tool of supreme effectiveness – they have the amazing power and ability to promote your business, attract new customers and inspire brand familiarity, so there’s no doubt that signage should be viewed as an investment. The success of every investment is measured by its return. Signage installed correctly by experienced and qualified technicians will last for years if maintained, and provide an outstanding return on your initial investment. On the contrary, incorrect signage installation can significantly reduce the maximum return on investment that could be achieved.

Increases Brand Reputation

Signage is often the first thing that every customer and potential customer sees before they even step foot inside the door. Nothing helps to build a positive brand perception more than well-designed and professional signage, however, you could have the most incredible signs but if poorly installed, it can instantly destroy any good impression. It’s important to understand what customers are likely to think if they see a poorly installed sign? They might worry that the lack of concern over the external appearance of your business will be reflected in the quality of your services and/or products. Substandard signage installation can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your business and something as vital and valuable as your brand should only be trusted to professionals.

Ensure Safety

Signage must be installed correctly and well maintained so that it doesn’t pose a risk to staff or customers. Should part of a poorly installed sign fall and injure someone, it’s likely that you, as the business owner, would be liable. Much of modern signage is crafted from materials including steel, aluminium and heavy plastics that require specialised installation techniques and tools to ensure they are safely and securely held in place with no risk of becoming a safety hazard. Professional installation will make your premises stand out and attract the right kind of attention from consumers without posing any risk to staff or customers.

Creating and installing a business sign is a major investment so make sure you leave it to the experts.

At Ausign, we take pride in the high quality of our products and services. With over 40 years’ experience in the design, fabrication and installation of premium signs and light boxes across Melbourne, you can trust our qualified signage technicians us to install your signs safely and effectively every time. Get in touch with us today on (03) 9419 0970 or enquire online now.