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If your business is new to digital signage you might be wondering if it is really worth the investment? Ausign is a leading Melbourne signage company with over 40 years’ experience creating and installing effective shop signs, light boxes, and other signage solutions to get Melbourne businesses noticed. Highly versatile and easy to update, digital signage is an efficient and effective tool to promote your brand, product or service, but there are many other ways you can use digital signs to improve your business. Read on to find out more.

To Provide Entertainment

Not all shop signs need to focus on hard selling, and digital signage gives you the flexibility to change up your signage quickly and easily to promote whatever message you like. Whether you have clients in a waiting room or lining up to try on clothes in a change room, digital signs provide an option to display ads, custom messages, live feeds or family-friendly entertainment alongside your brand message, making wait times a little more enjoyable. Moving images give your guests something to look at while they wait, ensuring they are occupied and happy during high-traffic times.

To Inform Customers

Often, providing valuable information to your customers can be just as important as advertising your products. Modern consumers don’t like to be surrounded with hard-sell marketing, so it’s essential you can provide high quality content that your consumers can engage with and relate to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be directly linked to your specific service or product, the right information establishes your business as an expert in your field or industry, fostering relationships with customers and helping them to view your brand as trustworthy. Digital signage is a great way to provide information to customers, as it can be easily updated and effectively catches the eye with innovative moving images.

To Display Reviews and Testimonials

These days, over 90% of people research reviews and endorsements before committing to their buying decision. Testimonials help to create a feeling of trust and show customers that your product or service has positively affected other people’s lives, and can subtly influence a customer who may be unsure to purchase from you. Digital shop signs allow you to rotate through displays featuring different customer reviews. Try to display reviews that are both genuine and honest, as continuous testimonials filled with glowing praise may come across as insincere.

To Share Social Media

Digital signage allows you to share information from your social media platforms and invite people to like or follow your brand. If you have a Facebook or Instagram page, using digital signage to display your social presence shows customers that you’re modern, innovative and on top of the latest trends and triggers them to like or follow your business. They are also a great way to promote the benefits of following you on social media, such as special deals, early access to sales or special in-store events.

To Provide Directions and Business Information

Well-placed digital signage screens can help people find their way around your business easily, allowing for a much better consumer experience. Whether you’re your screens are static or interactive, if a customer can find where they need to go to get the product or service they are after, they are much more likely to purchase from you. If you need to display special opening hours or changes to your business, digital signs are also the perfect tool for this. Opening longer in December for Christmas shopping? Now open on Sundays? Undergoing a refurbishment or renovation? Opening in another location? Digital signage is an easy solution to let your customers know important information that may impact the way they shop with you.

Digital Signage Melbourne Businesses Rely On

If you would like to find out more about digital signage and what it can do for your business or for more information on our wide range of signage solutions, get in touch with Ausign today. Call (03) 9419 0970 or enquire online now. We specialise in light boxes, shopfronts, vinyl banners, window frosting and more.