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Signage is one of the first things customers and passers-by will notice about your business. The right signage will effectively draw customers in and direct them through your store in an efficient manner, however if done incorrectly, signage also has the ability to deter customers from even setting foot inside the door. Ausign is Melbourne’s leading signage experts with over 40 years’ experience creating and installing eye-catching and effective signs for businesses throughout the state. Here’s our top tips for how you can design and display signs that will be sure to grab customers’ attention.

Go BIG with Fonts

It may seem obvious, but if a customer can’t read your signs, they are likely to be very ineffective. To determine your ideal font size, it’s important to think of yourself as a customer – can you clearly read the sign from across the road? When driving past? When walking past? Also keep in mind your customer base, older people or those with eyesight issues will require larger fonts. You should also consider consider the clarity of the font itself too. Certain fancier fonts are can make visibility more difficult. Ensure you use fonts that are clear and try to go for the largest size possible for the space available.

Use The Right Sign for The Right Application

There are many types of business signage and understanding the purpose of your signs is vital in making the right choice.

Outdoor Signage – This is the first impression that customers get of your store and as the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Outdoor signage must be bright, clear and compelling enough to capture attention and entice customers inside.

Indoor/Directional Signage – A type of indoor signage that helps customers navigate through a business. These signs may hang from the ceiling, be applied to walls or can even be in the form of floor decals.

Promotional Signage – Used to lure in your key customers. You should give customers enough information about your business to make them want to come in without cluttering the space.

Position Your Signage Correctly

There are standards within the signage industry that specify where customers will look to find your signage.

As outdoor signs are used to grab the attention of customers from a distance and focus on getting the customer’s interest high enough to enter the business, they can be placed:

  • Along the highway – large billboards are designed to catch the attention of drivers and are consistently used by companies of all sizes to draw customers in.
  • On a shopfront – smaller signs and often signs that project out of the side of a building bring attention to the entrance.
  • Above the business or in the car park – this signage draws attention to the store itself and helps customers immediately recognize where your company is located.

Indoor business signs draw attention to specific products or areas of your business that you want potential consumers to see, as well as advertise your company’s latest deals, products, specials and sales. These signs can encourage customers to make purchase and can be positioned:

  • Along walls – to help customers navigate and find particular products or make them aware of deals you are currently offering, inspiring them to make a purchase.
  • Behind a counter or reception desk – to highlight the area, or to greet customers and set the mood for clients.
  • In shopfront windows – to highlight deals or the newest products you are offering to entice potential customers to come inside the store.

Choose the Right Colours

When it comes to selecting colours, you should aim to stick to your branded colours for a consistent and cohesive look. Also be sure to use high-contrast colours such as black with white, dark with light, as this has been proven to boost effectiveness as high contrast provides maximum legibility. You should also consider colour theory – it’s important to understand the subconscious associations with each colour. Cool colours such as green, blue, and aqua imply tranquillity. Blue also conjures up a sense of trust while purple is a soothing colour. Warmer colours like red, orange, and yellow, convey a sense of urgency and excitement which is why the traditional SALE sign uses a bright red hue. Yellow is seen as also an optimistic colour, while black is associated with strength, power, and luxury.

For more advice on how you can create eye-catching signage and attract more customers to your business or for a free signage quote for your business, get in touch with Ausign today. Contact us online now or call today on (03) 9419 0970.