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Cars and other vehicles have been utilised for advertising for over a century, however the first forms of vehicle advertising were done with paint as this was the only option available. The vinyl car wrap we know today stems from the invention of vinyl chloride in the 1920’s and by the 1980’s, through a series of technology advancements, this innovative product had completely transformed the world of vehicle signage. Nowadays, car wrapping is one of the most versatile and affordable to get your brand noticed and Ausign leading choice for car wrap in Melbourne. Here we will explore the beginnings of vinyl car wrap and the qualities that make it the dominant choice for vehicle signage.

The Discovery of Vinyl Chloride

In the early 1900s, paint was commonly used to mark racing cars with numbers and sponsors so that they could be identified on track. Milton Hershey, of the famous Hershey’s Chocolate, was the first to brand a company car with painted graphics. The discovery of vinyl chloride by the BF Goodrich company in 1926 was a revolutionary game-changer. A multi-purpose material, vinyl chloride could be made in an abundance of colours and allowed for great design flexibility. It was also easily manipulated, meaning it could be applied to various surfaces and those with curves and edges. Due to its expensive nature, only large businesses and corporations could afford to use vinyl for vehicle signage so paint reigned supreme until the early 1980s.

Vinyl Becomes the Material of Choice for Automotive Advertising

Thanks to various technological advancements in design software, computing technology, die-cutting techniques and specialised inject printers, vinyl evolved greatly in terms of affordability and quality. By the early 1990s, die-cut vinyl car wrap become widely used by businesses of all sizes for car signage, overtaking paint as the primary method for vehicle advertising. 

Technology in vinyl car wrap has continued to improve resulting in an endless array of design possibilities. In today’s market, designing, printing, and installing vinyl graphics to company vehicles is one of the most affordable, reliable, and effective advertising methods.

Why Should You Implement Car Wrapping as Part of Your Marketing Campaign?

Vinyl car wrapping the ideal solution for all businesses looking to advertise their products and services. A high quality car wrap with custom vinyl graphic designs of your brand converts your vehicles into moving billboards and almost guarantees that your brand or message will be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis.

Another great thing about car wrapping is that it can be easily removed, replaced and updated, without damaging the car’s paintwork.

Vinyl is also very durable. It is remarkably resistant to scratching, warping and ripping and it even protects the paintwork of the car beneath, giving you the added bonus of extra protection against wear and tear.

For Professional Signage and Car Wrapping, Melbourne Businesses Can Rely On Ausign

Combing decades of experience with our dedication to staying at the forefront of the signage industry, our team has the expertise to design, manufacture and professionally install custom vinyl car wraps to suit business vehicles of any nature. We can provide full and partial wraps for cars, trucks and entire fleets. We use only the highest quality vinyl products and our design team will work with you to tailor the perfect solution to suit your exact requirements and budget. As a full service signage company, we can also help with shop signs, wall printing, window frosted glass, banners and more – we are here to help you with all of your business signage needs. Get in touch with us online or by calling (03) 9419 0970 and see how we can enhance your advertising campaign and get your business noticed.