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ink-Signage machineSignage

All About the Different Inks Used in Melbourne Signage

When it comes to signage, whether shop signs, vinyl banners or even car wrapping, creating an eye-catching and long-lasting design should be top priority. To create stunning signage that can stand the test of time, it’s essential to incorporate a specialised ink that won’t fade,…
April 29, 2021
yellow-car-wrappingCar Signage

Car Wrapping Vs Painting – Which is Better?

The statistics say it all - one branded vehicle can receive between 30 and 80 thousand views per day, depending upon the location and routes travelled. That means your business vehicle is a potential moving advertisement for your company and can showcase your products or…
March 5, 2021

Electric Sign Vs Lightbox – What is the Difference?

When choosing business signage, you have probably heard the terms electric signage and light boxes, and you may be wondering if they are the same thing? After all, ‘Electric sign’ traditionally refers to any sign that is powered. So, what is the difference between an…
February 24, 2021
bank-signBusiness Signage

Signage Tips to Drive Customers into Your Business

Signage is one of the first things customers and passers-by will notice about your business. The right signage will effectively draw customers in and direct them through your store in an efficient manner, however if done incorrectly, signage also has the ability to deter customers…
January 19, 2021
car-wrapping-signCar Signage

What Are the Benefits of Car Wrapping for Your Business?

Whether used by large corporations or small businesses, marketing with car wrapping delivers big results without a big budget. An easy way of enhancing the exposure of your brand, vehicle wraps can have massive advantages to businesses of all types and sizes. Ausign is one…
November 19, 2020
Vinyl-Car-WrapCar Signage

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Car Wrap

A car wrap is the perfect way to transform your vehicle into a moving billboard that can advertise your products and services whenever you are on the road. An attractive and cost-effective signage solution for businesses of all types, they can last a long time…
August 6, 2020
window-filmwindow frosting

Keeping Your Window Film in Top Condition

Used for a variety of reasons from privacy and security to business signage and glare reduction, it’s easy to see why window film is rising in popularity across Melbourne homes and businesses. Once professionally installed, it provides a wealth of benefits and is also virtually…
July 20, 2020

How to Transform Signage from Good to Great

Having the right signage for your business is vital to its performance and success. Not only is signage the first visual connection between your business and potential customers, it helps people find your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and helps to convey…
June 30, 2020
red car signageCar Signage

Tips to Make Your Car Wrap Signage Stand Out

Car wrapping and vehicle signage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your business stand and out establish awareness of your brand. A lack of vehicle signage, or worse, unprofessional signage, can cause potential customers to pass you by when they're…
April 7, 2020

Provide Privacy to Your Business with Window Film

Window film is the ultimate, affordable solution to blocking out prying eyes or an unsightly view, without compromising the flow of natural light. As well as providing privacy, window film boasts a range of other benefits including the reduction of solar heat gain, glare and…
February 27, 2020